Fish Canyon Falls

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Angeles National Forest Fish Canyon Falls Trailhead

"Fish Canyon to Fish Canyon Falls offers a splendid hike. The 80-foot, three-tier waterfall is one of the very best in the San Gabriels, when in season. The sparkling creek dances and bubbles over boulders and is often graced with quiet pools. Abundant sycamore, bay, bigleaf maple, alder, willow, and live oak provide refreshing shade in many sections along the trail. Lush ferns, poison oak, and other green plants create a tropical feel. In the spring you are treated with a fine display of colorful wildflowers. The rugged, chaparral-covered canyon walls rise steeply above you. Indeed, Fish Canyon promises you a delightful outdoor experience."

SEASON: November - May

"Because much of the route is in open sun, it would be wise to avoid this hike on a hot summer day. The best time to hike is in winter or spring when the water pouring over the falls can be a real show. In a dry year, the falls may be nothing but a trickle by early to mid summer. In the winter, beware that the poision oak will have lost its leaves but the toxic oils on the dead-looking, twiggy branches can still affect you if you come in contact. Spring is my favorite time because of the delightful array of blooming flowers. See Seasons of the San Gabriels for a detailed description of minding the seasons."

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