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Creek Restoration

The Wildlife Habitat Council has recognized Vulcan Materials Company and our employees at Azusa Rock, Reliance and Irwindale Asphalt for our commitment to the restoration of Fish Creek and has designated Fish Creek as a Certified Wildlife at Work Program. The Council's Wildlife at Work programs are voluntary efforts that exceed regulatory requirements. The Wildlife Habitat Council's certification reflects our efforts to return Fish Creek to its pre-mining configuration and restore its biological and hydro-geomorphologic characteristics as well as our sensitivity to community concerns regarding protection of Fish Creek and its watershed and the restoration of public access to Fish Creek and water falls in the adjacent San Gabriel Mountains.

Restoration of Fish Creek required removing non-native species such as common carp (Cyprinus carpio) from the creek, as well as replicating the native aquatic habitat with features including riffle pools and boulder bar complexes. Emergent wetland, riparian and upland chaparral habitats were created along the stream corridor to create additional niches for wildlife. Biological surveys indicate that Fish Creek now also supports the Santa Ana speckled dace (Rhinichthys osculus ssp.), an ecologically important species in the region.