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Did You Know?


Did You Know?

Azusa Rock is a "Hard Rock" quarry. The rocks mined here are called "Aggregates."

Construction aggregates are the primary ingredient required to build the foundation and infrastructure for our communities, cities, towns and transportations networks.

The Rock from the San Gabriel Valley is special.

Construction aggregates mined from this facility are of the highest quality in the country. The strength of these materials meets or exceeds the strictest specifications for state and federal highway construction in California. High quality aggregates like these are a primary component required to make asphalt and ready-mixed concrete.

Construction Aggregates are a vital natural resource.

Aggregates are essential to our quality of life in California and needed to build and maintain all roads, bridges, ports and levees, homes, hospitals, schools, and public and private construction. Historically, California communities have relied on local supplies of aggregates as the most efficient and effective way to supply materials.

Distance matters.

The material from this site is conveyed to Vulcan's Reliance site - no trucks are used to move the material from this site to our Irwindale facility! Additionally, the materials, once processed, are then sold for use in construction projects in the Los Angeles basin.