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History in Azusa

Since the days of the Gold Rush in the 1840s, this site has served not only as a recreational destination, but has also been home to extensive mining operations.

Usually, when mining and the "Gold Rush" are brought up together, most people assume the mining was of gold. Although gold mining did take place in areas along the San Gabriel River, this particular location has long been the site of construction aggregates mining. Due to its geological location and setting, this site has been known for its very high quality rock and it is used primarily for construction of everything from highways and bridges to dams as well as residential and commercial buildings.

Azusa's first rock crusher (known as the Griffith Portable Crusher) was introduced to the City of Azusa in 1902. The Puente Largo rock crusher was built along the San Gabriel River in 1907. Today, the site is owned and operated by Vulcan Materials Company who is committed to preserving, protecting and rebuilding this location as they balance the need for preserving the natural beauty while providing these critical materials needed for our quality of everyday life.

Photo courtesy of the City of Azusa