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What is Reclamation?

Mining is an interim use of the land. When the natural resources have been removed, the State of California requires that the previously mined lands be prepared for their next best use. The City of Azusa has determined that the Azusa Rock Quarry be reclaimed to open space land and oversees this process.

As you walk through this trail access, you will see reclamation in progress. On the East Side of the property (to your right), you will see this work being done to replace the large 30-40 foot conventional mining benches with smaller, one to two foot "microbenches." As the large conventional benches are sculpted to the smaller size, they are also being contoured and then revegetated to create a much more natural effect. All of the seeds and plants being used to revegetate the slopes are native materials designed to blend with the surrounding slopes and ensure their survival.

When new slopes are hydroseeded, you will see a bright green color, which fades to a golden color after two to three weeks.